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Meadow Creek

Meadow Creek BBQ Equipment is a Manufacturer located in New Holland, PA.

All equipment is made in this Amish Community by true professional craftsmen.

These smokers are second to none when it comes to fit and finish and all come standard with Stainless Steel grates.

Since 1980, Meadow Creek has provided outdoor cooking enthusiasts with the tools to get superior results consistently. We not only offer a broad variety of grills and roasters for commercial use, but the same quality equipment for backyard chefs as well. Whether you are cooking for four on Saturday night or four hundred at the fire company benefit you will find the right size and style to meet your requirements. We are just as serious about providing efficient, cost effective cookers as you are about the meal that you will serve to your guests, and encourage you to consider one of our units, or contact us with your custom requirements.

View Available Meadow Creek Smokers Here

Meadow Creek BBQ26 BBQ Pit
Product ID : mcbbq26
Price - $435
Meadow Creek BBQ26S BBQ Pit
Product ID : mcbbq26s
Price - $635
Meadow Creek BBQ42C Collapsible BBQ Pit
Product ID : mcbbq42c
Price - $650
Meadow Creek PR36 Smoker - Grill
Product ID : mcpr36
Price - $725
Meadow Creek BBQ42 Chicken Cooker
Product ID : mcbbq42
Price - $875
Meadow Creek SQ36 Smoker
Product ID : mcsq36
Price - $1050
Meadow Creek PR60G Gas Pig Roaster
Product ID : mcpr60g
Price - $1575
Meadow Creek PR72G Gas Pig Roaster
Product ID : mcpr72g
Price - $1775
Meadow Creek TS70P Smoker
Product ID : mcts70p
Price - $2195
Meadow Creek BX50 Cabinet Smoker
Product ID : mcbx50
Price - $2495
Meadow Creek TS120P Push Around Smoker
Product ID : mcts120p
Price - $3250
Meadow Creek TS250 BBQ Smoker Trailer
Product ID : mcts250
Price: $5495