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Temperature Control Systems

Temperature Control Systems

The BBQ Guru is the easiest way to maintain, track, and control the temperature in your charcoal / wood smoker or grill. No more tending to the fire all-day long or all night cook.

The concept is simple, each BBQ Guru uses a small computer and fan to control the airflow into your smoker. The computer adjusts the airflow to maintain the temperature that you set on the controller. Most models also allow you to track the temperature of the food inside the grill or smoker.

The BBQ Guru Company is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative BBQ equipment.

BBQ Guru 6' Fan Extension Cord
Product ID : GUfan6'ext
Maverick ET732 6ft Food Probe
Product ID : MV-foodprobe
Maverick ET732 6ft Pit Probe
Product ID : MV-pitprobe
BBQ Guru Fan Splitter
Product ID : GUfansplittr
Product is out of stock
BBQ Guru Flex Neck Magnet Mount
Product ID : GUmagnet
BBQ Guru Small Universal / Weber Adaptor
Product ID : GUweberADPTR
Weber Adaptor
BBQ Guru 3/4" Threaded Adaptor
Product ID : GUthredADPTR
BBQ Guru Ceramic Style Adaptor
Product ID : GUcramcADPTR
Fits various Ceramic Cookers (see list)
BBQ Guru Food Probe 6'
Product ID : GUfdprobe6'
BBQ Guru Grill Dome Mount
Product ID : GUgrldmADPTR
BBQ Guru Meadow Creek Mount
Product ID : GUmdcrkADPTR
BBQ Guru Pit Probe 6'
Product ID : GUptprobe6'
BBQ Guru Food Probe 8'
Product ID : GUfdprobe8'
BBQ Guru Pit Probe 8'
Product ID : GUptprobe8'
BBQ Guru Food Probe 10'
Product ID : GUfdprobe10'
BBQ Guru Pit Probe 10'
Product ID : GUptprobe10'
BBQ Guru Backwoods Smoker Adaptor
Product ID : GUbkwdsADPTR
BBQ Guru Bulkhead Adaptor
Product ID : GUbulkhADPTR
BBQ Guru Pit Viper 10 CFM Fan
Product ID : GUfan10cfm
BBQ Guru Pit Bull 25 CFM Fan
Product ID : GUfan25cfm
BBQ Guru PartyQ II
Product ID : GUpartyQ
BBQ Guru DigiQ DX2
Product ID : GUdigiQdx2
BBQ Guru CyberQ WiFi
Product ID : GUcyberQ
Remote Access & Email Alert Capability