17th Street Magic Dust Rub - 3 oz

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Magic Dust® dry rub is a legendary blend of spices that will enhance the flavor of any meat, fish, or vegetable. Good on everything except ice cream !

Mike Mills likes to say: A dry rub is essentially a dry marinade and it will melt and penetrate the product. Spices are blended just for us and finely ground, not gritty. Apply several light coats before and throughout the cooking process instead of one heavy initial application.

17th Street Barbecue Magic Dust is a very fine grade of spice made especially for 17th Street Barbecue by a Master Spice Maker in Arkansas. Once you've tried it on your ribs, you'll want to put it on just about anything. It's great mixed in with your favorite baked beans or chili.

This dry rub was first  developed by Mike Mills for his meats for competition cooking and it  is the secret to all of our success!


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