1904 Pits "The Forsyth" Reverse Flow Offset Wood Smoker

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1904 Pits "The Forsyth" Reverse Flow Offset Wood Smoker

1904 Pits

1904 Pits "The Forsyth" Reverse Flow Offset Wood Smoker


The Forsyth is the king of even heat cooking. Featuring reverse flow airflow dynamics, this model allows you to cook large batches of the same cut of meat at a consistent, even temperature. This cooker can handle four 15-18lb packer briskets, 8-12 pork butts, 12 slabs of ribs (In a Rib Racks) or 16 whole chickens. The cooking grate is made from heavy duty expanded metal and the cooker comes standard with tuning plates and a log grate in the firebox. The big upgrade going from the 1830 to the 2040 is obviously the increased cooking space and having the 2nd tier grate. However, another awesome feature is the cowboy style firebox with grilling grate that allows you to sear and smoke on the same cooker. The added counterweight also makes lifting the cook chamber door a breeze. 



  • 1/4" Thick Cook Chamber and Firebox
  • 35" Wide x 19" Deep Cooking Grate (Main)
  • 35" Wide x 16" Deep Cooking Grate (Upper)
  • 11" Clearance in Cook Chamber without Upper Grate
  • Total Cooker Dimensions: 72" Long x 72" Tall x 23" Deep
  • 20" Firebox Plenty big enough for 16" Split Logs


Standard Features:

  • Two Tel-Tru Thermometers
  • Tuning Plates for Controlling Temperature
  • Log Grate in Firebox
  • Bottom Storage Shelf
  • 5" Caster Set 
  • Cowboy Firebox Grill

Additional Options:

  • 2nd Tier Cooking Grate
  • Cover


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