BBQ Butler Heat Resistant Gloves

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Handle hot items with ease when you use our #1 HEAT AND FLAME RESISTANT GLOVES. These PREMIUM FABRIC COOKING & GRILLING OVEN GLOVES BY BBQ BUTLER are heat RATED TO 662 DEGREES and COVER WELL PAST YOUR WRIST TO OFFER AN EXTRA LEVEL OF PROTECTION from any common cooking or grilling heats. It’s like a suit of soft armor for your hands. With an EXTREMELY FINE KNIT and HIGH THREAD COUNT, durability and comfort are a given. These grilling gloves can’t be beat for a sure grip. NO-SLIP SILICONE STRIPS ON THE GLOVE’S SURFACE offer an amazing, SLIDE-FREE HOLD and extra safety while handling hot surfaces. You won’t have to sacrifice agility with these gloves, either. Easy to move in, you can CLENCH, PINCH AND GRASP HOT ITEMS EASILY AND WITHOUT HESITATION. No need to second guess. Use them as OVEN GLOVES, GRILLING GLOVES AND CAMPFIRE GLOVES. Heat producing activities such as traditional kitchen cooking methods, dutch ovens, campfires, light bulbs, and more don’t stand a chance. CONQUER THE HOTTEST SITUATIONS AND CONTROL THE HEAT. With our LIFETIME GUARANTEE, you can try out this product risk free! PROTECT YOUR HANDS AND WRISTS WITH THE BEST. These gloves are a sure win, every time!