Chop's Power Injector System Full Power

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Chop's Power Injector Systems are the NBBQA's Product of the year! Super Fast! 2-3 times more injection than with a single needle! XL SIZE FOR BIG JOBS!! For the last couple of years I have been working an idea... How can I make my food better and how can I make my food prep faster. So after thinking about it and tons of research I developed Chop's Power Injection System! It was such a great product I patented it! Yes it is PATENT PENDING!! The tank holds up to a 1/2 GALLON! of your favorite injection fluid. It has FOUR 14 Gauge needles spaced out at the perfect distance. Out of the box you will find the Injector fully assembled all you have to do is clean it with HOT soapy water and bleach. Then flush it with clean hot water until all the soap and bleach is gone! (Make sure you do this before and after EACH use) When your ready to inject, fill your injector at least a 1/4 full with your injection, pump up, and pull the trigger! You will notice whatever you are injecting will quickly start to expand as if you are filling a football with air!!! That's POWER!