Humphrey's Smoker Holiday Weekender

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These come equipped with a drop in stainless steel water pan and 3 steel expanded racks. 

The rail style feet offer tremendous support and each rail has two bolt holes to work with a Humphrey's Weekender Cart or platform with casters.

These units are only available with satin textured black bodies and stainless steel doors as pictured.

Standard Features
1200 Degree Non-flammable Insulation
3 Cooking Racks (8 Rack Locations)
Holds Full Size Hotel Pan
Stainless Steel 4" Water Pan
Tel-Tru Thermometer 
Stylish Latches

Outside Dimensions: 26w x 26d x 41h
Total Weight of cooker is 212lbs
Cooking chamber: 21.5w x 23d x 20h
Rack Size: 20.75w x 22d 
Weight:  285lbs

Cooking Degrees: (approx) 180 to 350
Amount of Charcoal: 6-8lbs
Cooking Time: 6-18 hours (Depending on temperature)
Meat: (approx) 12-18 butts or 24 racks baby backs or 6-8 chickens or  4-8 briskets 

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