Outlaw Smokers 2440 Front Load Patio Cart Model

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Outlaw Smokers is a name that many have come to know on the competition BBQ circuit due to the high quality construction, design and engineering that Jay Craig has implemented into his line of smokers. Not only will this smoker be the talk of your outdoor gatherings, it will save you time in the cooking process with the hot and fast draft system. The 2" thick insulated firebox is instrumental in fire management and allows this smoker to run on a smaller fire unlike other traditional offset smokers. 

Further Details:

  • Cook Chamber Size: 24" Wide x 40" 
  • Overall Smoker Size: 33" Wide, 72" Long, 65" Tall
  • Overall Weight: 685 lbs
  • 2" Insulated Firebox
  • Removable Expanded Metal Cooking Grates
  • Fully Steerable Pneumatic Wheels 
  • Elevated Fire Basket with Ash Pan
  • Tel-Tru Thermometer
  • Cook Chamber is blasted and coated with 1200F Paint

Tips & Tricks

  • If moisture content is high, you can move the fire basket to one side of the firebox and pre-warm the splits.  Only do one at a time and keep an eye that the split does not ignite and start smoldering.
  • When adding a split, keep the firebox door cracked a few seconds until the split has ignited.
  • Once you can manage the fire using only the exhaust damper, you can start to fine tune the fire by adjusting the intake damper.  There is no right or wrong fire as long as your exhaust is clean smoke and you are running the pit at your preferred temp.  Ideally, the exhaust damper is not wide open as this will give you no variance to cool down the fire if needed.
  • The Outlaw will maintain temperature with virtually no fire.  Keep a few small pieces of kindling available in the event your fire goes out.
  • If your fire gets too hot, crack open the cook chamber door to let heat escape.

Running a top flow stick burner takes a little patience and some determination but so does good BBQ!  Enjoy the process!

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