Pitmaster IQ 120 Temperature Controller

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  • Pitmaster IQ Pit Barrel Cooker Adapter


The Pitmaster IQ120 Kit comes with everything you need including the unit, fan, pit probe, food probe and adapter. The unit senses the temperature of the pit through the probe and tells the fan to kick in adjusting the airflow accordingly. The 120 keeps your cooking temperatures within 5 degrees farenheit of your set point while also maintaining an accuracy of 0.2% !! The variable speed fan goes from 5cfm to 15cfm meaning you can use this unit on multiple size cookers, no additional fans are required when changing from one cooker to another. 

The IQ120 will install on any smoker, installation time on a Weber is under 1 minute though! No cooker modifications are necessary to run your new Pitmaster controller, just a standard wall outlet is necessary for power. 


  • Set it and forget it! 
  • Digital Display
  • Food Probe and Pit Probe
  • All in one Kit, no additonal parts needed
  • Variable Speed Fan
  • Hanging Capabilities
  • 54" Long Temperature Probe
  • Extremely Accurate!

How to select the appropriate adapter: 

Standard adapter - fit Weber Kettles, Weber Smokey Mountain and most custom made smokers. 
1" Hose Barb adapter - will fit Stump's smokers and Pre 2015 Humphrey's Smokers. Other smokers may require a NPT reducer. 
Small Kamado adapter - necessary for small Big Green Egg and Kamado Joe Jr's. 
Large Kamado - will fit Kamado Joe 18" and 24", Big Green Egg Medium, Large & XL, ALL Primo Kamados, Big Steel Kegs, Bubba Kegs, Vision grills. 
Fixed Kamado - will fit Big Green Egg XL and Big Steel Keg. 
Backwoods Adapter - necessary adapter for ALL Backwoods smokers. 
Humphrey's 2" Adapter - this adapter is for all 2015 and newer Humphrey's smokers.

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