Pitmaster IQ 130 Temperature Controller

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  • Pitmaster IQ Pit Barrel Cooker Adapter

The IQ130 blows up the feature list by including a second food probe and Smartphone connectivity.  It uses a long range, Bluetooth Low Energy module to hook up with qSmart, our free simple-to-use app, to make remote monitoring and control a breeze!  Program an alarm to let you know when your food is done and your Smartphone wakes you from napping on the couch!  Now THAT's how to smoke meat in the 21st century!

The qSmart app is currently only available for Android devices. We are presently working on the iPhone app and plan to release it in Spring 2016. Your Android device must be version 4.3 or higher for the app to be installed. iPhones will need to be 4S or later, iPad 3 or later, any iPad Mini, and 5th generation iPods or later when the app does become available.

Our competitors chose WiFi for their communication protocol. Why did we choose Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)? Well, it was easy. Turns out that BLE is more affordable and simpler to use. It was the only way we could sell you a complete Automatic Blower Controller kit with 3 pit/food probes, power supply, and adapter with smartphone connectivity for under $270.

Bluetooth Low Energy is not your father's Bluetooth. I have achieved 720' range (well over 2 football fields!), line of sight over a concrete road. Your mileage will vary as the range is reduced as more obstacles are placed between the IQ and the smartphone.

How to select the appropriate adapter: 

Standard adapter - fit Weber Kettles, Weber Smokey Mountain and most custom made smokers. 
1" Hose Barb adapter - will fit Stump's smokers and Pre 2015 Humphrey's Smokers. Other smokers may require a NPT reducer. 
Small Kamado adapter - necessary for small Big Green Egg and Kamado Joe Jr's. 
Large Kamado - will fit Kamado Joe 18" and 24", Big Green Egg Medium, Large & XL, ALL Primo Kamados, Big Steel Kegs, Bubba Kegs, Vision grills. 
Fixed Kamado - will fit Big Green Egg XL and Big Steel Keg. 
Backwoods Adapter - necessary adapter for ALL Backwoods smokers. 
Humphrey's 2" Adapter - this adapter is for all 2015 and newer Humphrey's smokers.