Siphon Meat Injector w/ hose

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Siphon Meat Injector w/ hose


Siphon Meat Injector w/ hose


This injector is set up to siphon any amount of liquid, place the end of the tube in any container you have at home and inject away!

Comes with 2 14 gauge 2" needle. Different length and thickness needles will work with this injector and can be purchased separately.


Preventative Care

1.)   Injections should be free of particles.

2.)   If particles are present, you may choose to strain your injections before injecting, or…

3.)   If mixing dry particle matter (i.e. BBQ Spices/Rubs) into your injections, you may choose to run the dry matter through a coffee grinder before mixing into liquid.


1.)   The injector should be cleaned after every use.

2.)   Insert hose end into hot soapy water and flush through the injector until clean.

3.)   Repeat using clean water to rinse.

4.)   Unscrew the clear barrel and soak the o-ring on the piston with food grade vegetable oil. (Do NOT Use Mineral Oil).

5.)   Reattach barrel and store in a cool dry place.


1.)   If the injector does not siphon, one of two things has occurred

a.)   The black o-ring has been damaged and is not making constant contact with the clear barrel. (This is unlikely, and is prevented by lubricating as described above).

b.)   More likely, there is particle matter lodged in the nose of the clear barrel preventing the valve from closing and creating a vacuum.

i.)     Unscrew clear barrel from injector, and spray with a strong jet of water.

ii.)   If still clogged, soak the clear barrel in something mildly acidic (such as coffee or cola).

2.)   Please note: the white felt o-ring does not affect the injector’s ability to siphon.

3.)   The purpose of the white felt o-ring is to be saturated with vegetable oil, thus helping the black o-ring maintain lubrication.

4.)   The white felt o-ring should never get wet. Even if it does, the injector will still function without it.

Directions for Use

1.)   To attach needle, turn needle into the needle cap in a clockwise direction until secure (finger tight).

2.)   Do not squeeze handle while turning “dose selector”

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