The Briner Tri-Pack by Turkey Tom - 3.5QT, 8QT & 22QT

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The Briner resolves the biggest challenge to successful brining - Floating Food!. Simple to use, easy to clean and produces great results. The Briner holds turkeys up to 20 +lbs, several whole chickens, large cuts of pork or an entire days catch of fish. The Briner Jr is perfect for a single whole chicken, pork shoulder and smaller cuts and easily fits into your refrigerator without removing shelves. Brine french fries, chicken wings, shrimp, calamari, & corn on the cob. Make home made cheese, sauerkraut, venison jerky or soak wine corks. The Briner's use is limited only by a chefs imagination, a must have in every kitchen. Completely resolves the "floating" problem associated with brining. There is no vessel like The Briner. Buy it to prepare your Thanksgiving Turkey & use it year around to make great tasting food your family and friends will enjoy. Makes a perfect gift. Use the right equipment & "Make Brining Easy"!