BBQ Butler Stainless Injector

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This Stainless Steel Injector is everything you need to get started. This food injector has a 50ml canister and plunger. Includes 1 oversized perforated needle and 1 oversized slant-tip needle. Includes extra o-rings.

Why inject? Injecting marinades or enhancers into large/dense cuts of meat is our favorite way to flavor, tenderize, and add moisture to meat from the inside out. Best of all, injecting meats is simple and easy. Mix up your favorite marinade or enhancer, submerge the needle in the liquid, and pull the plunger back to load the canister. Insert the needle into the meat every 1-3 inches and slowly pull the trigger, to inject the marinade or enhancer into the meat. Place meat into your grill or smoker and grill/smoke as you normally would.

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