Black & Blue Nitrile over Nylon Gloves

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BBQ Gloves


We love these gloves!!  Super comfortable with plenty of flex.
Easy to slip on, and easy off for when you don't have time (or patience) for disposable gloves.

Nitrile top coating is food safe, with excellent resistance to snags and abrasions.
Flexible Nylon shell for greater dexterity, and comfort.  Nylon even has sweat absorption properties.

"Reverse-Diamond" textured palm provides superior slip resistance.
Can be used for various applications, but we think they're best for "hot meat handling".  Use these when your tongs are too small for that brisket, turkey, pork butt, or rack of ribs!

Wash with water and degreasing dish detergent, air dry.

(Not intended for handling lit fuels [wood, charcoal, pellets, etc.])