Butcher BBQ Original Brisket Injection - 1 lb

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Butcher BBQ


This simple to use marinade is designed to be injected into the meat to increase the moisture while intensifying the natural beef flavor. This product that can flavor many different types of meat with some easy to follow applications.May be used on brisket, chicken, ribs, steaks, and chops. It will give you all the moistness expected while adding a great flavor.

Butcher BBQ Brisket Injections are the best tasting marinade deemed by highly skilled and qualified judges from barbecue cook-offs sanctioned by various barbecue associations in both the US & Canada.

Brisket is a tough but flavorful cut of beef from the lower breast of the cow. This muscle works hard to support a standing cow, so it toughens with age. Brisket must be seasoned and cooked in a way that tenderizes the flesh. Barbecuing and smoking the meat can give that desired tenderness with a smoky flavor and delectable crust. The process is somewhat labor-intensive, but the result is well-worth the effort.