Fireblack Gasket 1/2" x 15 ft

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Fireblack Gasket 1/2" x 15 FT


Fireblack Gasket 1/2" x 15 ft

High Temp, intended for cook chambers
Self adhesive, peel and stick
1/2" wide x 1/8" thick x 15 ft long
Installation Instructions:
1. Scrape/remove any old gasket, clean residue w/ food safe degreaser then rubbing alcohol.
2. Peel self-adhesive backing off of your new gasket. Work in 6-8" sections. (To remove paper backing, back-cut the paper backing with a razor and fold the paper backing to get started.)
3. Press gasket around smoker lid. (Fold excess gasket towards the outside, where needed.)
4. Do NOT Stretch gasket. Only peel a few inches of the paper backing off at a time. Peel more as you go.

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