Gozney Arc XL Gas Black

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Gozney Arc XL Gas Black


Gozney Arc XL Gas Black


Embark on an epicurean adventure with the Gozney Arc XL Limited Edition Black Propane Gas Pizza Oven — a striking harmony of elite craftsmanship and culinary prowess. With the Gozney Arc XL Limited Edition, your backyard transforms into a prestigious pizzeria, delivering mouth-watering 16" pizzas that will woo both the cosmopolitan foodie and the ardent pizza lover within you.

Sporting external dimensions of 20.9 inches in width, 24.8 inches in depth, and a modest height of 13.5 inches, this oven's compact elegance belies its capacious interior. It is not just an oven; it's a statement piece forged for the connoisseur — weighing in at a mere 58.5 lbs, it stands ready to redefine outdoor cooking. Inside, the heat soars to artisanal temps, up to 950°F, within a mere 20 minutes, the innovative lateral rolling flame working its magic for evenly cooked, impeccable finishes.

This Gozney Arc XL Limited Edition isn’t just about majestic performance; it's about crafting extraordinary moments. With ease, control the flames and heat to bring to life not just pizzas, but a bevy of roasted, baked, and seared delights, all in the comfort of your own alfresco retreat. Step out of the ordinary and into a world where every meal is a masterpiece, courtesy of the Gozney Arc XL Limited Edition.


  • The Arc XL's Revolutionary Lateral Gas Burner replicates a traditional wood-fired flame for perfect pizzas every time
  • The Arc XL Limited Edition comes with a sleek off black finish
  • The Arc XL's domed ceiling, professional ratios of oven insulation, and 20mm thick stone floor, ensures an even heat distribution and superior heat consistency
  • Capable of reaching temperatures up to 950°F (510°C) in just 20 minutes
  • The design of the lateral gas burner allows extra space for pizzas up to 16 inches
  • High temperature painted shell offers more than just beauty. The Arc XL is extra durable, water resistant, and UV stable, ensuring your oven is protected from the elements year round.
  • The Arc XL boasts a brand new exhaust, which draws out air from the oven and reduces the build-up of soot, and a new removeable stone floor, combining to increase the longevity and lifespan for years of use
  • Easy-to-use dial for complete heat control and a built-in thermometer for temperature monitoring
  • Cold-touch silicone jacket to enhance safety
  • Designed for all levels from beginner to pro
  • Propane gas-fueled for precision and ease
  • Includes: Arc XL Limited Edition Outdoor Oven, Thermometer, 1.2m Gas Hose & Regulator, burner guard, flue outlet, stone adjustment tool, torx screw driver, matchstick holder, manual

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