Majestic Black & Blue Nitrile over Nylon Gloves

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Comfortable glove with lots of movement, perfect for handling wood or unlit charcoal as well as hot pieces of meat. We use these gloves in place of tongs when transferring ribs, chicken, pork butts, or brisket off the smoker. 

MAJESTIC 3237 Nitrile Palm with Nylon Shell Gloves Superior Grip Nylon Shell Glove shell is made of soft nylon which provides wearer with comfort and sweat absorption. Nitrile Coating Excellent resistance to abrasion, snags and perforation. Excellent resistance to hydrocarbon derivatives. No natural rubber proteins. Micro Foam Palm Micro foam coating offers exceptional comfort, flexibility, dexterity and added protection to the palm. Reversed Diamond Grip Palm is covered with reversed diamond grip to provide superior slip resistance. Dotted Palm Palm is textured with dots to provide a rough surface which in turn creates a better grip.